Unconditional Love

unconditional lovePete and Lydia Gray are celebrating their son Max’s fourth birthday, when he is snatched by bitter and vengeful young man, Benjamin Cain. Given up for adoption at birth and condemned to life in a care system that failed him, Cain has endured years of abuse, addiction and betrayal. He is also Max’s half-brother and now has plans to avenge himself, not only on those who tormented him, but on the ‘loving’ birth parent who left him to the tender mercies of a flawed and brutal system.

A child in danger. A race against time. And the unanswerable question: how far would you go to protect the thing you love most in the world?

‘Unconditional Love’ is a thrilling two-hour kidnap drama about love, morality and two ordinary people under extraordinary pressure.

“Well plotted, well written, well performed. Compelling” The Guardian

“This was gripping drama”. The Mirror

“A terrifying tale. Compelling.” The Telegraph

“A powerful feature length drama, Parish gives her usual delectable turn, a gripping thriller.” Evening Standard

“Skillfully plotted, well acted, Parish showed her versatility with a fine performance. ”The Express.


Robson Green

Joe Absalom

Sarah Parish

Peter Capaldi.

Written by: Chris Lang

Directed by: Ferdinand Fairfax

Produced by: Mark Pybus

Executive producers: George Faber and George Pattinson

Production Company: Company Pictures