The Tunnel

When a prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the UK and France, detectives Karl Roebuck (Stephen Dillane) and Elise Wassermann (Clémence Poésy) are sent to investigate on behalf of their respective countries.

The case takes a surreal turn when a shocking discovery is made at the crime scene, forcing the French and British police into an uneasy partnership. As the serial killer uses ever more elaborate and ingenious methods to highlight the moral bankruptcy of modern society, Karl and Elise are drawn deeper into the killer’s increasingly personal agenda.

Set against the backdrop of Europe in crisis, The Tunnel is adapted from the hit Swedish/Danish series The Bridge.


“…intelligently made, well cast and ambitiously cinematic.” – The Independent
“atmospheric, intriguing, gripping” – The Guardian
“…a fascinating puzzle that left us eagerly awaiting the final piece” – The Telegraph
“very effectively done, creepily atmospheric and splendidly gruesome” – The Stage


  • Stephen Dillane
  • Clémence Poesy
  • Joseph Mawle

Written by:

  • Ben Richards
  • Chris Lang
  • Emma Frost
  • Oliver Kohn

Directed by:

  • Dominic Moll
  • Thomas Vincent
  • Hettie Macdonald
  • Udayan Prasad
  • Philip Martin.

Production Company: Kudos