The Real Thing

The Real Thing

A beginning, a muddle and an end. So often the formula for short films, but not so “The Real Thing”.

This dizzyingly paced black comedy thriller tells a complete story in twenty four minutes, a story of naivete, desperation and greed.

When Bill Chance arrives back in London from an unsuccessful business trip to LA, he is on his uppers. His house is about to be repossessed, his marriage is on the rocks and his business is faltering. So when a potential fortune drops into his lap, it would seem to be the answer to all his problems, if only taking advantage of it weren’t as immoral as it were illegal. Follow Bill Chance and the consequences of his decision to a truly Hitchockian climax.

Written and directed and Co-Produced by Chris Lang, The Real Thing was shot on 35mm on location in London and was shown at various Short Film festivals around the world.


Andy Taylor

Josie Lawrence

Marc Warren

Written and directed by: Chris Lang.

Produced by: Nick Canner and Chris Lang