The Glass

Self made millionaire John Proctor (John Thaw) is about to ‘retire’ and enjoy the fruits of his life’s work. He has a beautiful young wife, Carol (Sarah Lancashire) and a plan to hand over the reins of his glazing business to his young nephew Paul (Jo McFadden) recently returned from America.

But what Proctor doesn’t know, is that Paul has come back with a secret, and that he plans to take more than just the job of running the business. He plans to take everything Proctor has.

Set in the cut throat world of high pressure sales, this dark twisting tale of betrayal, love and revenge, aired to over seven million viewers and rave reviews in the spring of 2001

“Sarah Lancashire’s brilliance makes this drama shine. Not half empty or even half full, this glass is positively overflowing.” TV Times

“Thaw fans will not be disappointed, he’s as magnetic as ever…it’s madly watchable fine feel good Sunday telly…shaping up to be ‘Glengarry Glenn Ross’ for the small screen.” The Observer

“The crackling chemistry between the three main players makes this a thoroughly enjoyable drama.” Sunday People

‘It’s extremely good quality…bright, sharp, shiny.” The Guardian

“A hugely enjoyable series about love, loyalty and humans capacity for change…compelling viewing. McFadden’s performance throughout has been extraordinary.” Mail on Sunday


  • John Thaw
  • Sarah Lancashire
  • Joe Macfadden

Written by: Chris Lang

Directed by: Patrick Lau, Nick Laughland and Phillipa Langdale

Produced by: Tom Grieves

Executive producer: Andy Harries.

Production Company: Granada/ITV studios