Trevor Eve stars as DI John Paxton, an officer who begins to question his job when a murderer walks free from court because of a legal technicality. His boss DCI Pete Chambers is equally disgusted by the outcome and plots the ultimate revenge – killing the culprit himself. Paxton refuses to get involved, but later discovers Chambers dead in his car – and ends up being the chief suspect for the crime…

Having been framed for the murder, Paxton has no choice but to go on the run, he leaves his wife and young family behind and embarks on a dangerous quest for the truth – a fugitive from the very system he once sought to uphold, he must prove his innocence by finding the real culprit. Lawless follows one man’s journey to the edge of despair as all that he once believed in falls apart.

A gripping and ambitious serial, ‘Lawless’ asks what might happen if public servants carried out our darkest wishes.

‘This is one of those dramas that has you gripped from the start. Outstanding. Trevor Eve was brilliant.’ The Express

‘Eve is one Of the most mesmerising actors on television you just can’t take your eyes off him.’ The Mail

‘Nobody who saw the first episode of Lawless is likely to feel short changed, the pace, confidence and generally slick plotting make for an exciting watch.’ The Telegraph

‘A strong cast, a tight script, a very watchable drama.’ Radio Times

‘Trevor Eve projects are usually wonderful and this is no exception. A very watchable drama.’ The Sun


  • Trevor Eve
  • Orla Brady
  • Ralph Brown
  • David Calder

Written by: Chris Lang

Directed by: Roger Gartland

Produced by; Tom Grieves

Executive producers: George Faber and Charles Pattinson

Production Company: Company Pictures